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Story Producing

For non-scripted projects and productions; our studio will call-on our story producer to review all media in order to build a script for our senior editor to eventually edit.  Depending on the quality of media acquired and any potential gaps in the storyline, additional footage may need to be captured in order to complete your project.  Our studio is equipped with professional 6K cinema cameras, drones, gimbals, sliders, green & blue screen chroma key backdrops, traveling gear, professional lighting kits, and one artistic and ambitious cinematographer that will capture any additional footage necessary to complete your projects.

For scripted projects or productions; our senior editor will cut sequences following the script while communicating and executing directives given from each client (studio executive, producer and/or director) as necessary until each project or production is approved and considered complete.

Communication to clients is a key, vital and fundamental necessity to achieving each project's success, as well as maintaining a positive studio to client relationship from Development to Delivery.  To give clients peace-of-mind from Development to Delivery our studio utilizes Slack, Asana and to conveniently and effortlessly allow clear communication, up-to-date project management and the ability to review versions of edits from your home, office and mobile.

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